“The FOUNDATION of a strong, free economy is a diverse and competitive banking system.

We believe interested, proactive shareholders promote efficiency and good performance, while fostering a healthy banking and economic system. “

Jon Bruss
Managing Principal & Founder



BANK FUND MANAGEMENT Fortress Partners Capital Management is the managing member of FFP BankManagers Fund, LLC, a sector-specific private investment fund formed by Fortress Partners in early 2000 to invest in

    • Publicly traded community banks—micro and small cap banks and thrifts located in the US with market capitalizations generally not exceeding $500 million
    • Privately owned community banks in the early stages of growth and seeking an additional round of capital investment

Our member/investors include individuals (and their personal retirement plans—IRAs), corporations, employee benefit plans, family offices, retirement plans and charitable foundations.

In 2007, we formed two limited partnerships, Fortress Partners Banc Ventures I, LP and Fortress Partners Banc Ventures II, LP which, combined represented approximately  hundred investors representing individuals (and their IRAs), family office accounts, retirement plans, foundations and bank holding companies.  These partnerships were formed to invest in closely-held micro and small capitalization community banks in the early stages of growth and seeking an additional round of capital.  These partnerships were slated to terminate 10 years after formation and were liquidated with final partner distributions made in the third quarter of 2018.


BANK ADVISORY Fortress Partners was established in 1991 as a community bank and thrift advisory firm.  Among other projects, Fortress Partners advised the seller on the sale of a thrift to a large publicly traded commercial bank, the conversion of a thrift from mutual to stock form and the sale of converted thrift subsidiary of a mutual thrift to a group of investors.   It acted as the catalyst investor and advisor in the formation of Fortress Bancshares, Inc. and the acquisition of Westby Coon Valley State Bank, Westby, Wisconsin, the acquisition of the Houston Security Bank in Houston, Minnesota and the purchase of the Cresco, Iowa branch from the former Boatman’s Bancshares and the chartering of that entity as Fortress Bank of Cresco.  Fortress Partners, in concert with local businessmen, also arranged for and managed the formation of Town Bankshares, Ltd, Delafield, Wisconsin and its subsidiary bank, Delafield State Bank, n/k/a Town Bank, a Wintrust Community Bank.

Disclaimer:  The information on this website does not represent a solicitation or offer to purchase any securities.  No money or other consideration is being solicited and none is being accepted through this website.  The website contains information about our Fund which is not intended for or available to certain investor in certain jurisdictions.  In addition, the Fund has not been registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, as a result, such investment products are only available to certain accredited investors who have been who have been prequalified by Fortress Partners Capital Management, Ltd.  As such any pages referring specifically to any investment product offered by Fortress Partners is only available by contacting Fortress Partners and obtaining information about such product.  The information on this website is available for informational purposes only and is not a solicitation as to any investment product.  No sales of any securities will be made and co commitment to purchase will be accepted until you receive (1) copes off disclosure documents relating to FFP BankManagers Fund, LLC and your investment (2) access to information regarding Fortress Partners, and (3) final purchase of subscription documents for your investment.  Nothing in this website should be interpreted and investment or financial advice.