“The FOUNDATION of a strong, free economy is a diverse and competitive banking system.

We believe interested, proactive shareholders promote efficiency and good performance, while fostering a healthy banking and economic system. “

Jon Bruss
Managing Principal & Founder


Fortress was founded in 1991. Fortress is the managing member of FFP BankManagers Fund, LLC, a sector-specific private investment fund formed in early 2000 to invest in publicly traded micro and small cap banks and thrifts—by our definition, U.S. based regulated depository institutions with market capitalizations of less than $500 million. Our member/investors include individuals, corporations, employee benefit plans, IRAs, family office accounts, retirement plans, and charitable foundations.

In 2007, we formed two limited partnerships, Fortress Partners Banc Ventures I, LP, and Fortress Partners Banc Ventures II, LP, to invest in closely-held micro and small capitalization banks and thrifts. These partnerships target banks with assets ranging from $10 million to $5 billion. Our partners include individuals, family office accounts, retirement plans (including IRAs) and bank holding companies.

We also manage separate accounts for a diverse national clientele including banks, family trusts, and charitable foundations and organizations.

Fortress Partners is registered with the state of Wisconsin as an investment advisory firm.

Effective Partnerships

In addition, we are the general partner of two limited partnerships: Fortress Partners Banc Ventures I, LP, and Fortress Partners Banc Ventures II, LP. These associations and funds were formed to invest in closely held banks and thrifts that are in the early stages of growth and seeking an additional round of capital investment.

These banks generally range in size from $10-million in total assets (start-up or de novo banks) to larger institutions, growing more rapidly than their ability to retain earnings to support their growth. Some institutions might have as large as $5-billion in assets.

These two partnerships were closed to new investors in 2007. New partnerships cannot be formed until 65% of the capital committed to these partnerships has been drawn down. Partnerships were only available to “qualified investors” and only by private offering memorandum .