Strategic Capital Advisors

Integrating Strategic and Capital Planning to Maximize Shareholder Value

Our Approach

Fortress Partners Strategic Capital Advisors assists community banks in exploring strategic and capital-raising alternatives and designs strategic and capital plans to enhance shareholder value and achieve the organization’s most important goals and objectives. Our advisors work with banks that seek:

  • To re-examine and validate current strategies and business mixes
  • To identify and evaluate new strategies, lines of business (including fee-based) and products
  • To identify and employ the best set of strategies to achieve their goals and objectives
  • Capital for organic growth or M&A
  • Capital to comply with a regulatory order or replenish a capital shortfall
  • Liquidity through the sale of the institution

Our Deliverables

We provide extensive written materials to you detailing and confirming the key findings of our studies of your bank and our recommendations. Our advisors will:

  • Assess your bank’s current situation based on interviews with management and directors; a review of your bank’s regulatory and financial status; and an evaluation of your bank’s existing strategic plans.
  • Facilitate the development of a strategic plan, including an exploration of market and business line opportunities and an analysis of board effectiveness.
  • Also work with the bank to provide a capital plan based on the needs of the bank and the capital markets environment; this will capital-issuance advice on size, alternative structures (senior debt, subordinate debit, preferred stock, convertibles and common stock), alternative investor types (board, rights offerings, community, private, public) pricing and impact on shareholder value. We will also identify and evaluate viable balance sheet re-positioning alternatives, such as asset sales, branch divestitures, sale/leasebacks,
  • TruPS buybacks, SBLF/TARP repayments/refinancings and other debt retirement tactics.
    Will assist the bank in addressing regulatory orders.

Who We Are

Our advisors are seasoned commercial bankers, directors, advisors, investors, and entrepreneurs. We have started, managed, purchased and sold banks through diverse credit and economic cycles and we are active investors and investment managers in bank equities. As strategic capital advisors, we provide pragmatic advice based upon hands-on experience in the management and oversight of banks and bank investments. We will assist your bank in developing and implementing the strategic capital plan. We draw on strong working relationships with banking professionals in the legal, accounting, investment banking and regulatory arenas to identify appropriate expertise.

Fortress Partners Strategic Capital Advisors receives a project-based consulting fee for its services.